Century® Mongoose Fight Shorts - Mens

Century® Mongoose Fight Shorts - Mens

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A mongoose excels as a non-discriminatory predator with an immunity to snake venom. You can take this attitude with you to the mat on our Mongoose fight shorts. • Unique patent pending closure system shorts reduces thickness of waistband and helps eliminate chafing • Hook-and-loop system and folding fabric provides secure, low profile closure within waistband • Four-way stretch fabric with four-way stretch panels for added room during grappling prevents fabric from binding against legs – reducing friction and allowing freedom of movement for kicks during standup fighting Imported How to use the Century® Closure System 1. Close hook and loop fly 2. Adjust drawstring with hook-and-loop tabs 3. Fold closure up and secure to exterior waist hook and loop 4. Fold over waist top and secure to internal hook and loop Internal closure system provides less opportunity for tab to come undone or get caught during grappling

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