Safe Escape Aikido Self-Defense

Safe Escape Aikido Self-Defense

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Vol 1:Lesson 1: Lesson 1 will focus on warm-up exercises, rolling and falling drills, the use of pressure points, understanding and applying InchKi Inch and simple escape techniques from most attacks. Also explained is the proper use of body movement to overcome an attackers resistance. Approx.60min

Vol 2:Lesson 2: In this exciting video, Aikido Master Bob Liedke reviews the basic techniques of Aikido that have been modified for street use including several throwing techniques. Master Bob Liedke has been a martial artist for over 30-years and has spent a number of years modifying the complicated techniques of Aikido so that anyone can learn them. Approx. 60min

Vol 3:Lesson 3: Included in this video are defense techniques against the most common grabs,punches, chokes, kicks and strikes of all kinds. The self-defense techniques shown in this series of InchSelf Escape Inch Aikido can be learned by anyone and should be part of every martial artist repertoire.Approx. 50min

Vol 4:Lesson 4: The gun and knife techniques demonstrated in this clear and concise video tape are explained.Approx. 60min

Vol 5:Lesson 5: Included in this exceptional video are numerous self-defense joint breaking techniques. The breaking techniques shown are very destructive when used forcefully, so use care when practicing with your partner. Also included are defense against two or more armed attackers. Approx. 60min

Vol 6:Lesson 6: This valuable video teaches over 30 street fighting self-defense techniques designed to disable yout opponent instantly whether assualted from the front, side or rear. Learn to make short work of an attacker by ordering today!Approx. 45min

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