Stay Safe Self-Defense with Clay Worley

Stay Safe Self-Defense with Clay Worley

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Vol 1: Mini-Mites (Pre-K-1st grade)- Be Safe! Get Smart! Be Prepared! Clay Worley and Joye Zverina teach Pre-K through 1st graders the importance of recognizing a situation, getting away quickly and safely, and reporting to a parent or autority figure. They show fun and effective drills such as the Marching Dinosuar, Noodle Drills for crescent, side, and round kicks, Domino Kicking, obstacle course training, and much more!

Vol 2: Elementary School (2nd-5th grade)- Kids learn how to stay safe by stopping the threat with fun drills such as the Cat Scratch Drill, Superhero Rollover Frog Kick Combo, and Stomp the Can. Clay Worley and Joye Zverina teach self-control and awareness with Red Light Green Light, Sticky Fingers, and the Washing Machine. Kids learn to get away, get help, tell someone, and get smart.

Vol 3: Junior High (6th-8th grade)- Clay Worley and Joye Zverina teach team building skills to enable kids to respond to threats quickly and effectively; working on challenging each other and using drills to build faster and stronger reflexes. Kids will learn warm-up drills that include Closing the Gap between long and short distances, power and persistence drills such as Last Kicker Standing, and concentration drills like Sticky Hands, to help them become more aware of the importance of focus and speed.

Vol 4: High School (9th-12th grade)- In this volume, Clay Worley and Joye Zverina show you, step-by-step, the Push Up Blitz, Spider Web Throw, Rizing Chicken Head, and even blindfolded Sticky Hands! The students learn to use instinct as one of the most importanr and effective keys to self-defense. Worley also teaches how to use everyday items as tools for self-defense such as the Backpack Block, Key Chain Scratch, Credit Card Slash, and the Cell Phone Smash.

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