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The BEST Martial Art Style?

Posted by Hopelessly Lost on 3/14/2011 to Ask Joe
Dear Karate Joe,
I'm rather ambitious...  I like to be the best at whatever I do.  So I want to study *the best* martial art.  In your opinion, which martial art is *the best*?        
Sincerely,  Curious Curt
Curt... There is no "best" martial art.  There are only best martial artists, and as you study them, I think your approach will change.  Do what I did- study several martial arts so you can fight standing up, on the ground, or with traditional weapons.  Train with the best instructors you can find.  Don't worry about "styles" or the skills that others have.  Put your heart into it, work hard and become great at what you do.  If you are still compelled to be competitive, you can enter tournaments and compete in forms divisions or point sparring.  It sounds like you will be great at whatever you set your mind to.
                   - Karate Joe



Date: 9/1/2011 10:40:27 AM
Dear Joe you metioned you practiced multiple styles and im curios to know which if you could post a list of the martial arts styles that you practice and study
Date: 1/30/2012 2:29:21 PM
Curt, I'v been in Shoto-kan karate for 17 yers, there are alot of hand movements, after my instructor passed away I studied Judo which is alot of throwing. The more martial arts you study, the more you can manuiplate movments to most all situations
Ed Pearce
Date: 9/19/2012 7:33:21 PM
I would say try various styles and just pick the one thats most fun. My favorite one is a mix style of Taekwondo and JiuJitsu. Works both Taekwondo kicks and punches into grappling, holds, and throws.
Date: 11/21/2012
witch sparing kit is the best
Karate Joe
Date: 11/21/2012
Amy; That would depend on your skill level. Obviously the cheaper gear sets are for beginners and are less durable. If you are or have been practicing the martial arts for some time you may want to look at the Century P2 line.
Date: 1/8/2013
If you want to choose a martial art that would make you win in the ring you should focus on getting into a martial art that gets you into the ring fast and is also a bit versatile. So perhaps ITF or a really great WTF taekwondo teatcher, but stay away from McDojangs teachers, those who teach olympic taekwondo with no grappling or punching to the face. They teach point sparring and dancing. My WTF teatcher permited fighting from yellow belt, sweeping from green belt, grappling from blue belt, ea

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